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Available Positions

Job Title: Charter School Director

Posting Date: June 17, 2022

Closing Date: Open Until Filled

Compensation: DOQ

Terms of Employment: 1.0 FTE 

Reports to:Akii-gikinoo'amaading/WOLI School Board

Hours: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Location: Temporarily virtual until school resumes in person




The Charter School Director will maintain oversight of daily operations of Akii-gikinoo'amaading ensuring the mission and vision are upheld. The Director will be responsible for academic and operational school reports and performance to various stakeholders including the WOLI School Board, Charter Authorizer, and WI DPI. Due to COVID, the current job allows flexibility to work from home to maintain the goal of the WOLI Board to slow the spread of the highly contagious virus. 


Charter School Governance and Management:

  • Create and implement the mission and vision of the school
  • Ensure compliance with all federal, state, tribal, and local regulations and policies
  • Submit all reports to the WI State Department of Instruction, School Authorizer, and Board of Directors in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Assist in the selection and hiring of personnel based on ability, qualifications, past performance and school needs.
  • Provide leadership in identifying and solving issues and problems facing the school
  • Facilitate communication and build professional relationships with the Board of Directors
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of the school and manage problems in a timely manner
  • Lead staff meetings and communicate frequently with staff members
  • Coordinate with the business manager to follow annual school budget and meet all financial obligations
  • Manage and oversee the student recruitment and enrollment program
  • Supervise all Akii-gikinoo'amaading staff
Educational Program and Curriculum:
  • Establish high expectations for student achievement and communicate these expectations through a variety of methods (newsletters, presentations, memos) to internal and external stakeholders on a regular basis
  • Use the Headrush system to monitor and analyze program effectiveness and identify areas needing improvement and intervention
  • Communicate academic progress to stakeholders and provide an annual summary to the Board of Directors and the WI State Department of Instruction
  • Monitor and evaluate staff through the Headrush systems to ensure quality instruction and student achievement
  • Coordinate curriculum development activities that increase staff expertise and knowledge
  • Ensure that continuous improvement is guided by student academic standards; school performance standards; and concrete data from state and local assessments and address achievement of all students
  • Work directly with all staff to increase enrollment and retain current students
  • Review of assessment results to ensure academic goals are set accordingly and the School is on track to improve achievement.
  • A Bachelor's degree is required.
  • Master's degree in Education, Education Leadership, or related field preferred
  • Administrative Certification preferred
Additional Skills and Experience:
  • Knowledge of state standards, testing requirements, and graduation requirements in regards to DPI
  • Passion for improving service delivery and a commitment to continuous improvement
  • Takes bold, decisive action or makes commitments, despite risks, conflicts, or uncertainty, after considering the available courses of action and the needs and values of others
  • Professional Behavior and Ethical Conducts
  • Effective communicator
  • Knowledge and experience in working with tribal communities and students

Job Title: High School Lead Teacher

Reports to: Akii-gikinoo’amaading Director

Terms of Employment: 1.0 FTE School Year

Compensation: DOQ


Akii-gikinoo’amaading is seeking an individual who is passionate about learning, students, and innovative teaching that will help students reach their full potential within our school and community through meaningful, equitable, and targeted educational experiences that affirms and values their unique cultural identities. Akii-gikinoo’amaading is a 6-12th grade project-based learning (PBL) school that will engage youth in indigenous science learning experiences that motivate them to be engaged global citizens through critical thinking and analysis of environmental issues and to explore STEM careers that meet future workforce needs for managing tribal resources. 


Akii-gikinoo’amaading is a teacher-powered school, where management of the learning, program, and school is the responsibility of the instructional team. Applicants must be willing to accept nontraditional teacher duties as this is a non-traditional school.  Applicants must be risk-takers, comfortable with change, and show evidence of creative problem-solving. This position is for an individual who is excited to teach outside the walls of a classroom and be comfortable outside year-round and the candidate should have the ability to guide, facilitate, coach, and create, rather than lecture and use a prepared curriculum. 


We are seeking an active learner, not afraid to tackle new ideas and tasks. The candidate should have the ability to guide, facilitate, coach, and create, rather than lecture and use a prepared curriculum. Ideal candidates will demonstrate a strong desire to collaborate in project-based learning, student-centered education, and the ability to make school look a lot less like school. Experience in outdoor education or expeditionary learning is highly desired.


Educational Program and Curriculum

  • Develop, implement, and facilitate all curricular projects
  • Advise small group projects, regardless of subject area
    • Maintain communication through emails, texts & phone calls with students
  • Develop and maintain outside contacts for student projects, internships, job shadows.
  • Maintain HeadRush accounts with students, approve, revise, and close projects
  • Coordinate Student Personal Learning Plans
    • senior students’ classes on transcripts to be sent for applications
    • double check credit/graduation requirements for seniors
    • double check all ACT status of junior & senior students
    • encourage college visits/applications/scholarships...
    • youth options applications/deadlines
    • develop course/credit plan with all students
  • Arrange Standardized Testing - WKCE, ASVAB, Explore/Plan/ACT, ITBS
  • Newsletter Advisor (3 to 4 publications/year)
  • Yearbook Advisor
  • Service-Learning Opportunity Coordinator 
  • Arrange large-scale city field trips
  • Advise and co-lead field experience trips, backcountry trips, and PE trips.


Community Outreach

  • Coordinate & facilitate open houses & student showcase nights 
  • Coordinate Akii-gikinoo’amaading Senior Graduation
  • Coordinate fundraising opportunities for school



  • Co-manage equipment and supplies


Enrollment, Students, Student Records, Clerical

  • Coordinate open enrollment, notify accepted students & maintain waiting list
  • Compile and send enrollment packets to accepted students
  • Manage student records system
  • Manage project-based learning internet system.
  • Maintain record-keeping systems, and school document file structure
  • Handle day to day student discipline 
  • Keep communications and correspondence up during summer (limited)


Parent Communication

  • First line of communication with parents
    • Update parent email database & list
  • Coordinate and schedule parent-teacher conferences
  • Global reminder emails to parents
  • Coordinating the updates to Google and Website Calendar
  • Update Facebook/social media
  • Coordinate parent volunteers for different events







Submit completed Akii-gikinoo'amaading Employment Application including Release and Authorization Form (from download link above) along with a cover letter, resume and at least three (3) letters of reference. Certificate of Good Standing in each jurisdiction where licensed and any other supportive documents. Tribal Member applicants must provide a signed official document from a federally recognized Tribe acknowledging enrollment.




ATTN: Janet Quaderer

8529 N Trepania Road (physical address - next to LCO Boys & Girls Club)

13394 W. Trepania Road (mailing address)

Hayward, WI 54843

[email protected]



Preference will extend to Tribal Members, second to Non-Tribal Members with dependents who are Tribal Members, third to other American Indians and fourth to Non-Native Americans who meet the minimum qualifications of the position. This is in accordance with P.L. 93-638 and Federal Regulations on “INDIAN PREFERENCE”.